The Living Legacy, a social history project from the
Bilbrook Initiatives Hub

The Living Legacy project is a digital time capsule. Capturing the voices of the community.
This is why we need your help!
We want your stories of how you have managed during the current time when we have had all been restricted in what we can do.
We would love to hear your stories from your past, living in and around Bilbrook and Codsall. We want to capture them, so we can keep them to remind others about the history of our villages. You may even find that you can draw comparisons on past experiences with our current situation.
You can do this by writing them down or by asking someone else to do that for you. Make a video (if you need help with this we can help!)
If you will allow us, we will publish your stories for others to enjoy them. It doesn't stop there!
All generations can voice how they are living through our current situation, through, words, videos, pictures, drawings. So we create a legacy of us all. That we are all together, in this together, even though we are apart. Something as a community we can all look back on and continue to contribute to as we move forward.